COVID-19 Helpline

The Helpline provides information about:

  • Health & safety during COVID-19
  • Details on reopening processes
  • Government benefits
  • Support services

The Helpline is available 24/7 with live Intake Specialists available on a set schedule each week.


Call 647-846-2233 to access to Helpline.

COVID-19 Helpline for South Asians

The Covid-19 Helpline is funded by the Government of Canada and United Way Greater Toronto and managed by the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians, in partnership with South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, Tamil Canadian Centre for Civic Action, Bangladeshi Canadian Community Services, South Asian Women’s Rights Organization, and Punjabi Community Health Services.

The Helpline provides information about health & safety during COVID-19, details on the reopening process, government benefits, and support services available to communities in English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Bangla and Punjabi.

Recorded information is available on the helpline 24/7. Live Intake Specialists are available on a set schedule every week.

Call 647-846-2233 to access the helpline

Food Baskets for Racialized seniors

Food Baskets for Seniors


CASSA offered Food Baskets for racialized seniors.

Requirements to be eligible for this initiative included:

  • South Asian senior (ages 65+)
  • Annual income of less than $40, 000
  • Located in GTA (Peel, York Region, Toronto, Durham)

Please call our COVID-19 Helpline if you qualify and require assistance:

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