Anti-Hate Community Leaders’ Group

CASSA initiated the Anti-Hate Community Leaders’ Group in March 2019 after the devastating Mosque attack in New Zealand against peaceful worshippers. This event shook many racialized & religious minority communities to the core and left many who work on anti-racism issues with severe anxiety about the state of hate in this world. CASSA, currently lead by a visibly Muslim female Executive Director, decided to bring together community leaders in the Greater Toronto Area to take preliminary action in ensuring events like this never happen (again) in this country. With a call out that went to 50 different community leaders and organizational leaders in Toronto, Peel region, York region, and Durham region. Approximately 35 of these organizations came together to form the Anti-hate Community Leaders’ Group.

The Group has six mandate areas for tackling hate:



1. Legal tools and legislation

2. Social media and online strategies

3. Education tools for children

4. Inter-faith dialogue and supports

5. Political engagement

6. Media engagement

Group Activities to date:

The Anti-hate Community Leaders’ Groups has already worked together to look at the legal tools and legislation that can support anti-hate work. We have produced a set of recommendations for the Minister of Justice and Attorney General. We have met with the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, MP Arif Virani, with our proposed recommendations. We have recently been involved in consultations from the Minister’s Office about some of these recommendations. 

The Anti-hate Community Leaders’ Group has also submitted a proposal to the federal government to create a social media strategy with tools and content for social justice agencies to use to address online hate in their professional work and in their personal lives. Over the long term, we hope the use of content developed through this project will support in curtailing the increasing trend of online hate as anti-hate messages will force people to think critically about what they are posting online and the impact it can have on others.

Anti-Hate Conversation Series

The Anti-Hate Conversation Series is a panel-style livestream series that aims to spread awareness on current hate-related and social justice issues by inviting speakers to provide insights into the underlying causes and next steps for these issues. The series takes place biweekly on Tuesdays from 4 pm – 4:30 pm on Facebook Live and consists of questions from the moderator, Samya Hasan – Executive Director of CASSA, pertaining to the topic of the week and responses from two guest speakers.

Some of the past topics in this series have included Anti-Asian Racism Amid COVID-19, State of Islamophobia, Rise of White Supremacy and the Far-Right, Anti-Black Racism in Healthcare, Sexism and Misogyny in Racialized Communities, Antisemitism, Anti-Indigenous Racism, Addressing Homophobia, and many others. 



Part 1: Anti-Asian Racism Amid COVID-19 –

Part 2: State of Islamophobia –

Part 3: Anti-Black Racism in Healthcare during Covid-19 –

Part 4: Rise of White Supremacy and the Far-right –

Part 5: Racism within Racialized Communities and Need for Solidarity –

Part 6: Discussing Anti-Racism with Elders –

Part 7: Allyship and Community Building –

Part 8: Understanding the ‘Defund the Police’ Campaign –

Part 9: Transforming Education –

Part 10: Misogyny and Sexism in Racialized Communities –

Part 11: Antisemitism –

Part 12: Media Bias –

Part 13: Anti-Indigenous Racism –

Part 14: Addressing Homophobia –

Group Members

  1. Across Boundaries
  2. Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention
  3. Anela Jadunandan
  4. Bernie Farber
  5. Canadian Anti-Hate Network
  6. Canadian Arab Federation
  7. Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
  8. Canadian Muslim Vote
  9. Catholic Crosscultural Services
  10. Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic
  11. Chinese Canadian National Council – Toronto Chapter
  12. City of Toronto – Confronting Anti-Black Racism Unit
  13. Colour of Poverty – Colour of Change Steering Committee
  14. Gibraltar Leadership Academy
  15. Hispanic Development Council
  16. Islamic Foundation of Toronto
  17. Jeewan Chanicka
18. J-Space Canada
19. Karen R. Mock
20. Labour Community Services of Metropolitan Toronto Inc.
21. Midyanta Community Services
22. Naseem Mithoowani
23. National Council of Canadian Muslims
24. Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion
25. Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants
26. Ontario Human Rights Commission
27. Punjabi Community Health Services
28. Roots Community Services
29. Salaam Canada
30. Social Services Network
31. South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario
32. Tamil Canadian Centre for Civic Action
33. Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership
34. United Way of Greater Toronto
35. Urban Alliance on Race Relations
36. Walied Khogali Ali
37. World Sikh Organization
38. YWCA Canada