Research on Employment Equity of South Asians in Toronto – Funded by United Way of Toronto & York Region

This initiative is a three-year community based research study on the employment needs, barriers, and recommendations for employment equity for South Asian immigrant communities in Toronto. The study will aim to conduct a needs assessment study to identify the needs and barriers of South Asian immigrant communities in Toronto are to gaining meaningful employment.

Once the study has concrete ideas of the needs and barriers, the second part of the study is to develop recommendations for public policy changes as well as recommendations for business process improvements to help meet the needs and alleviate the barriers faced by South Asian communities.

Using the findings of the Needs Assessment Report as well as the Recommendations Report, the third and final part of the initiative will be a year-long campaign to engage communities and disseminate information on the findings of this study to advocacy groups, policy makers, regulatory bodies, and employers. In this phase, we will engage the South Asian immigrant communities in Toronto in advocacy efforts to pressure all three levels of government, regulatory bodies, and large employers, to make the necessary public policy changes to eliminate barriers to meaningful employment and to advocate for sector wide changes for employers.


Recent Updates

Work is ongoing work with surveys and report back to United Way Greater Toronto.

An outreach strategy for the surveys is being coordinated with the Outreach Assistant and Digital Media Coordinator. Logistics related to the survey, including platform, honorarium and translations are being finalized.

On May 6th, CASSA held its Research and Collaboration Symposium. The Symposium was in partnership with the University of Toronto (U of T), York University, and the University Health Network (UHN). The Symposium was an opportunity for immigrant, newcomer, refugee and diverse community agencies to get to know the research studies and support the promotion of the surveys at organizations to their clients. 21 agencies from a variety of agencies attended.

We are continuing work at the Toronto East Quadrant Local Immigration Partnership (TEQ LIP), and supporting the upcoming initiative, Immigrant Employment TO Day 2019.

On May 10th, we did a presentation and participated in an panel, for an event called Inequality and Racism and the South Asian Community. This event was hosted for OPSEU Coalition of Racialized Workers for National Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

On May 14th, we participated at the City of Toronto’s Official Plan Transportation Policy Review. The Policy Review included discussion on greater accessibility and safety especially for vulnerable road and transit users such as the elderly, women, children and people living with disabilities. The current phase of the Official Plan Transportation Policy Review focusses on the transportation policies related to Transit, Cycling, Automated Vehicles and Shared Mobility, and Streets and Related Maps and Schedules.

On May 22nd, we contacted Connecting Women with Scarborough Services (CWSS)

For more information about CWSS visit:

On May 29th, we presented at Next Gen Men, at an event titled, Wolf Pack YYZ Talks Women Deliver…more than babies! Sophia Ayathurai, CASSA’s previous Health Equity Coordinator co-presented. The event was centered around how men can better understand the many experiences of women and support the women in their lives and communities. Sophia discussed her research in gender-based violence and toxic masculinity.

We continue our work on the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Taskforce at Humber College.