Education Series – Traditional Vaccines VS mRNA Vaccines

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Jun 17, 2021

Part 1: Introduction to mRNA Vaccines

Video Transcript
With COVID-19 cases on the rise
questions regarding the newly available
the vaccine being distributed are also on
the rise
CASSA’s COVID-19 vaccine education series
is aiming to answer those questions
traditional vaccines versus mRNA
traditional vaccines are products that
deliver either a weak or inactive virus
to the body
when the vaccine enters the body it
triggers the body’s immune system
to recognize and respond to the foreign
agent being introduced
even though we are not sick we introduce
the virus so that if we are exposed
to the real active virus, we have the
immune response ready to combat it
before it infects our cells
over 19 vaccines are different they
introduce instructions through mRNA
which is basically a strip of
information used to create a protein
specific to the virus
since this protein is foreign to our
body our body starts attacking it by
creating proteins of its own
known as antibodies by creating
we can rely on the body’s natural
defenses to better protect itself
when and if it is exposed to the real
scientific advancements knowledge about
viruses and years of research on mRNA
made it possible to develop a COVID-19
the vaccine in a shorter span of time
want to know more about the COVID-19
watch out for casa’s second video in the
coven 19 vaccine education series
information obtained from public health

Part 2: How do mRNA Vaccines work?

Video Transcript
The covid-19 cases on the rise questions regarding the newly
available vaccine being distributed are also on the rise.
Casas covid-19 vaccine education series is aiming to answer
these questions.
How do mRNA vaccines work?
The covid-19 vaccine works by delivering mRNA also known
as messenger ribonucleic acid into our body.
MRNA is a strip of information that helps create different
proteins. In order to do this, mRNA is placed inside a special
structure, which can easily pass through into the cells of
our body.
Once inside, mRNA enters our cells, providing it with instructions
to create a viral protein.
Is the protein is a foreign particles Damian system recognizes
it as an antigen.
Our immune systems, create an immune response by the antigen
and remove it from my body.
This process creates antibodies that reinforce our body’s
natural defenses to better protect itself, if exposed to
the virus.
Some side effects of this process include fever muscle, aches,
and fatigue.
However, this is a normal response to any vaccine The MRNA
vaccine requires more precision and attention from our health
care practitioners.
However, they were chosen to come back because at 19 virus,
because I’m already vaccines are faster to produce in response
to new evolving tablet.
While also providing long-term protection as it activated
both are antibody and cell mediated immune responses.
Want to know more about the covid-19 vaccine to
learn more.
Information obtained from Public Health, Ontario.