Intercultural Collaborative – Funded by Department of Canadian Heritage (Government of Canada)

The Council of Agencies Serving South Asians has successfully implemented their Greater TorontoArea-based Intercultural Collaborative project. This project aims to increase diversity and membership within the art, recreation, and civic engagement sectors while challenging racism and discrimination in our communities. CASSA provided anti-racism, anti-oppression, and project management training by recruiting participants from racialized communities to work with mainstream agencies in the arts, sports, and youth engagement sectors and co-develop subprojects to diversify programs and services within these sectors. CASSA has provided Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism and Leadership and Project Management training for program participants in each region and connected them to a partner agency to develop and deliver a project together in their communities over the summer. The agency partners and projects will also be highlighted and recognized in public community forums later this year. Following the project, CASSA will meet with member agencies and national sector partners to share the model and results of the Intercultural Collaborative for it to be replicated in different cities across Canada.


Information Dissemination Resources

ICC Evaluation – CASSA Travel

The Intercultural Collabrative – Presentation (English)

The Intercultural Collabrative – Presentation (French)


Training Resources

Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression – Presentation

Anti-Oppression Reader (2007)

Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Definitions

Board of Governance Traning and Project Planning, Capacity Creators Project – Presentation

Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression in Action – Presentaton

Diversity in Governance: A Toolkit on Non-Profit Boards

Anti-Oppression Toolkkit, National Campus and Community Radio Association


Sub-Project Resources

AGM Flyer

Behind the Art Flyer, Scarborough Arts

Brampton Community Voices on Bike Safety and Health – Infographic (English)

Brampton Community Voices on Bike Safety and Health – Infographic (Punjabi)

CASSA Provincial Consultations Submission

Intercultural Project Objectives and Summary

CASSA x Markham Arts Council, Let it Fly Community Mosaic – Video Clip

CASSA x NYCH, Harvesting Community Change – Video Clip

Thorncliffe Park Youth Committee x CASSA, Reflection on Cricket program

Anti-Oppression Anti-Racism Leadership: Knowledge to Action, Volunteer MBC


Evaluation Resources

Intercultural Collaborative Evaluation Report (English)

Intercultural Collaborative Evaluation Report (French)

Intercultural Collaborative Evaluation Report: French figures for vertical axes