Intercultural Collaborative – Funded by Department of Canadian Heritage (Government of Canada)

The Intercultural Collaborative project aims to increase diversity and membership within the art, recreation, and civic engagement sectors while challenging racism and discrimination in our communities. CASSA will provide relevant training and establish opportunities for South Asian and other newcomer community members in the York, Peel, and Toronto regions to increase their access to these target sectors in collaboration with identified partners and produce projects across the GTA focused on anti-racism and anti-discrimination. CASSA will provide Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism and Leadership and Project Management training for program participants in each region and connect them to a partner agency to develop and deliver a project together in their communities over the summer. The agency partners and projects will also be highlighted and recognized in public community forums later this year. Following the project, CASSA will meet with member agencies and national sector partners to share the model and results of the Intercultural Collaborative for it to be replicated in different cities across Canada.