Hate-Crime Reporting Project

Developing Community Informed Hate Crime Reporting Processes in Toronto, Peel, York, and Ottawa.

What is a Hate Crime? What is the process and likelihood of charges to be brought against someone for a Hate Crime?
These questions have different responses depending on who is doing the talking. There is a gap in the way that the police and public perceive Hate Crimes. This two year Provincially funded project comes from the Ministry of the Solicitor General in the form of Safer and Vital Communities Grant.
Our aim is to bridge this gap by creating a safe space for discussion and collaboration between police regions and communities to implement a community-based approach to addressing hate-motivated crimes in Ontario.

Lakhdeep Dhaliwal

Hate-Crime Reporting Project Coordinator


Improving Hate-Crime Reporting
For this project we are working with Toronto Police, York Region Police, Peel Region Police, and Ottawa Police to facilitate discussions. The goal of these discussions and collaborations are to:
1.  Develop community awareness campaigns to educate the public on understanding hate, how to identify hate crimes, and safe methods of reporting.
2.   Create and deliver training workshops for police staff, to educate them on what is happening on the community level, and how to work with communities to report/address hate crimes.



The Community Leaders Group (CLG) network is being utilized to form an Advisory committee, a group of 8 – 10 cross sectoral members will help to shape this project. Police service information gathering meetings are underway with specific hate crime units and personnel.