As part of the Collaborative to Combat Online Hate Initiative.

About this Project

This is a two-year project that has been working with agencies with a social justice mandate, agencies serving racialized communities/religious minorities, and non-racialized allies, and racialized/religious minority community advocates who want to combat online hate. The project aims to build the capacity of these groups through digital literacy to effectively combat online hate and provide content support to those who become victims of online hate.

The focus areas of hate for this project are narrowed down to hate caused by racism and xenophobia

The project has three main components: 

A. Build a Social Media Strategy to combat online hate

B. Develop an Anti-Hate Online Toolkit with anti-hate content/messaging

C. Lead and monitor a national Pilot Anti-Hate Social Media Campaign which utilizes the Strategy and Toolkit

Keep an eye out for our toolkit and resources which will be made available to download for everyone!

Check out our recent posts here as part of the #EradicateHate Campaign:

Nov. 15
“Speech, whether it’s said in person or online, holds weight to others and ourselves. Free speech/expression doesn’t mean speech free from consequence.”


Nov. 17

In online spaces, we often see both misinformation and disinformation. This isn’t limited to the online space. Media in general is rife with all kinds of mis/disinformation. It is important to know the difference, as well as how to recognize it. Share this with others!”
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What does anti-racism education look like for you? Do you self-educate through documentaries? Do you attend formal training? Do you read more both about notable figures and about the history of racism? What is something you want to learn more about? Create a plan of action!”

Nov. 21

“What can we do when we witness online hate? Communications Coordinator, Sakshi, breaks down the 5 D’s of Bystander Intervention in an online setting. Then, Project Manager Yomna continues to break down the 5 D’s for online settings.”
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Nov. 22

“Let the concept of intersectionality guide your ability to communicate empathetically with others. Our race or faith does not define us – we all have a story to tell.”