Engaging Refugee Youth – Funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario

CASSA with financial support from the Law Foundation of Ontario is working on a legal education project that will enable the development and publication of a Legal Education Toolkit. It is envisaged that the Toolkit will be a guidebook on transitional issues for refugee youth and provide comprehensive information to support their integration in to our society. The project is two phased and the first phase will be to develop the Toolkit in collaboration with CASSA’s partner agencies and the second phase will be to introduce and disseminate the printed and web based toolkit to refugee youth and to various stakeholders.

The work attempt to address two major needs of recent refugee youth. The first is addressing the social isolation that most newcomers face when they come to Canada. The second is filling the knowledge gap that is prevalent due to the laws and regulations of Canada being significantly different than that of the countries they are fleeing. We anticipate to equip the refugee youth with the legal information in ways they can comprehend, it will also lead to many benefits for the entire refugee families. We believe that this approach will significantly support refugee youth to address their legal issues in terms of finding relief, resettlement and reintegration. The toolkit will be translated in to several languages. Online and printed copies of the toolkit will be supplied to education institutions, settlement agencies, legal aid clinics and CASSA’s member agencies that will allow refugee youth and other newcomers in Ontario to learn about legal rights and regulations in the areas of housing, employment, education, health care, and security/criminal law. The work reflects CASSA’s mission and commitment towards working within a social justice framework which promotes equity and empowerment for marginalized peoples and communities with access to justice.