Civic Engagement Campaign

Draft Strategy

CASSA’s 2019 Civic Engagement campaign is focused on encouraging more South Asians to discuss issues that they care about and make informed voting decisions in the upcoming federal election. We are particularly hoping to talk to populations who may be disengaged, less informed about the political process, or require culturally sensitive material, such as newcomers, youth and seniors, through the campaign. The campaign involves conducting dialogue-based workshops at community organizations, institutions and spaces across the GTA, and chatting with residents at local community events. We will also be using our social media channels to understand what issues you care about, and will be developing content to educate you on the positions that the different parties are taking on key election issues. Lastly, we will be working with key figures in the GTA South Asian community to promote discussion on the upcoming election.


Project Updates

Currently, we are preparing to launch the social media campaign via our Facebook and Instagram channels. We are also reaching out to community organizations and institutions who serve South Asians and offering our workshops/requesting participation at community events.